Scan film to CD All scanning is done at 300 dpi.

For resolution higher than 300, add .50 per frame

For TIFF format, add .25 per frame

35mm. Negs or Slides 4 Minimum .75 ea. Plus 5.00 for CD
120/220 Neg or slide 4 Minimum 1.50 ea. Plus 5.00 for CD
Special services and handling charges
Single cut negatives 1.00/neg.
Crop 1.00/neg.
Color and/or density correction .50/print size
Add copyright or watermark Details & Information
Scan prints to CD
Up to 8x10 4 Minimum .75 ea Plus 5.00 for CD
Larger than 8x10 up to 16x20 15.00 Plus 5.00 for CD
Photo Buttons 3.75 ea. Add 1.00 if we have to make a copy of the photo.
Locket size photos 12.75 Customer receives 1-4x6 sheet with multiple photos of the requested size, and other sizes for other uses.
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